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#96 - Favorite Tools

Archispeak continues its summer of fun in Episode 96 by talking about our favorite tools.

How to properly use an E-Tool to settle site visit disputes.

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  1. #AIAChat for August 2016 hosted by Archispeak - Storify
  2. The tools of an architect - video
  3. TRXL - Photos by Evan
  4. iPhone - Apple
  5. iPad Pro - Apple
  6. Apple Pencil
  7. Dropbox
  8. PitchFactor for iOS
  9. Vive VR Headset
  10. Elders React to HTC Vive (VR) - video
  11. TOP TEN Uses for the E-Tool - video
  12. Military Can Openers P-38 & P-51 - video
  13. Tri-Fold E-Tool Shovel with Cover
  14. Construct Individual Fighting Positions

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