Archispeak Podcast in the press

January 2017 - Top Architecture Blogs of 2017

Brandon Hubbard of The Architect's Guide includes the Archispeak Podcast in his annual list of top architecture blogs for 2017.

The Archispeak Podcast, while not a blog per se, is a great resource covering a variety of topics. Each episode, Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, and Cormac Phalen have a casual conversation about all things architecture, and invite you to listen in as they talk about everything in the profession, both the good and the bad.
— Brandon Hubbard

January 2017 - The Best Architecture And Design Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

TMD studio , the collaborative practice for architecture and design, based in London and Prague has named Archispeak as one of "The Best Architecture And Design Podcasts To Listen To Right Now" 

TMD studio: 

Architects Evan Troxel, Cormac Phalen, and Neal Pann have a fun and approachable podcast that pulls back the curtain on what it is really like to work in the field of architecture. Tune in to what feels like a casual conversation among industry friends. The topics are widely varied and cover different design aspects, engineering, winning new work and working with clients. The trio has been described as, “The new voice of reality for the profession.”

November 2016 - Archisnapper names Archispeak one of ten AEC podcasts that will grow your business

The creators of the punchlist app ArchiSnapper have named Archispeak one of the top ten podcasts to grow your AEC business.


You can either figure out all about “doing business” the hard way, OR you can try to learn as much as possible by learning from other people.  Obviously, I’m not talking about your uncle’s “good advice” on your company logo. I’m talking about fundamental, core aspects on doing business.

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July 2016 - Graphisoft recommends Archispeak

The official Graphisoft blog mentioned podcasting and recommends listening to Archispeak:

The Archispeak Podcast is one podcast I’d recommend checking out. The trio of hosts; Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, and Cormac Phalen get together regularly to have casual conversations about all things architecture. What I like about their style is they celebrate the triumphs and highlight successes AND are unafraid to point out failures or situations where they think the proverbial bar was missed.

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